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Idaho Attorney General Landlord & Tenant Guidelines


Cash, credit cards, personal checks and money orders are accepted.

The Sheriff is required, by law, to charge fees for his services.  You must pay the fee in advance (Idaho Code 31-3211). In addition to service fees, other costs may include charges for moving and storage of goods, towing, recording, publishing in a newspaper, posting, and other miscellaneous fees.  Pursuant to Idaho Code 31-3203, the Board of Adams County Commissioners sets the current fees for the Sheriff’s Office. Checks or money orders for fees should be made payable to the Adams County Sheriff’s Office.


  • Summons and Complaint, or any other process by which an action or proceeding is commenced, on each defendant. $50.00
  • Notice, Rule or Order, Motions, Court Orders, Order to Show Cause, Summons and Petition. $50.00
  • Subpoena in a criminal and/or civil action or proceeding. $50.00
  • Writ of Execution where a levy is not made on property.  Extra cost may incur for serving an attachment on property, or levy an execution, executing an order of arrest, or order for the delivery on personal property. $50.00
  • Writs of Garnishment, either by mail or personal service. $50.00
  • Notice of Eviction, Writ of Possession or Restitution, putting a person in possession of premises when occupant voluntarily leaves.  If occupants do not voluntarily leave and sheriff is required to remove subjects and levy foods and chattels, an additional fee will be charged. $50.00
  • For processing Writs of Foreclosure or Orders of Sales on Real Property.  Fee will be charged whether sale is finished or canceled. Extra fees will be charged for recording papers, publishing, and other related processing. $50.00
  • Civil Protection Orders (no charge)
  • Small Claims  $50.00
  • Bank Search  $5.00
  • Vehicle Levy
  • Postings         $3.00 ea.

SEX OFFENDER REGISTRATION (Registration also takes place in the Driver’s License office)

  • Annual Fee              $80.00
  • New                         $50.00(Violent)
  • Quarterly Fee          $20.00(Violent)
  • Out of State Move  $80.00
  • Change of Venue   $80.00 (Temp or Perm)


  • Bartender                                                $15.00
  • Car Dealer                                              $10.00
  • Fingerprints-Employment                       $5.00 ea.  (Employment)
  • Accident/Incident Report-Insurance      $5.00
  • Return Check for NSF                            $20.00 plus amount of check

Legal Advice

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office cannot give legal advice. “Legal advice” means telling a person how to go about court proceedings, speculating what the outcome in a court case would be, advising or recommending one procedure, form or pleading over another, advising what words to put in a form or what to say in court, suggesting what you “should do”, recommending the services of a specific attorney or group of attorneys.

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